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August 27, 2007


jennifer cunningham

I was arrested in Dec2004 for conspiracy and posession---doing something that was out of my character--I

served 2 months, got out- went through the FIR program with

30 days rehab(successful) and 6 months outpatient completed

(successful) I entered a negotiated plea agreement with DA- 11

1/2 to 23 months folowed by 2 years probation--and they are

trying to take my house at the same time---i have a deferred

sentencing- i go on Sept 14th and from what i gather, the DA

wants me back in jail!!! I did everything they asked of me

and have been in no trouble since 2004, not so much as a

traffic ticket, and was never in trouble before that-just one

bad decision in my life, and its haunting me forever--i have a

job too. Where is the justice at? I know i did something wrong

and i pay for it every time i have to look in my 3 daughters

eyes and see the pain still there from leaving them in 2004 to

go to jail for 2 months- and i am now a felon--and now i have

to look in there eyes again when they cart me away on sept

14th after following all the rules just because some DA wants

to prove shes in control--thats sad. Thats reform for yah


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